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Operator Training For A Safer,
More Productive Workplace

Any piece of equipment is only as good as the individual operating it. To help you maximize the full potential of Hyundai forklifts, your authorized Hyundai dealer can offer you all-inclusive operator training.

These proven training programs can help you meet OHSA requirements for workplace safety as they improve operator performance and efficiency. Your staff will be trained by forklift professionals with years of experience.

Working with you, your Hyundai dealer can help assess your current efforts and customize a training program with important benefits:

• Reduced downtime
• Improved efficiency
• Greater profitability
• Minimized product damage
• Fewer accidents

The program can include:

• Forklift fundamentals
• Safe load handling instruction
• Refueling/charging equipment
• Pre-operation inspections
• Safely navigating the workplace
• Assuring pedestrian safety

And more.  We can not only train your operators but train your trainers to create an enduring climate of safety and productivity.  Technician training to assure proper forklift maintenance and extend the lifespan of your equipment is also available.